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Developing stylish websites to reflect your brand the way that you desire.


Single Page

A one page website designed to be sleek, efficient, and informative for when you want to get straight to the point. It allows you to convey everything that's important to your customers in a single scrolling page.

Multi Page

A multi page website designed to be modern, informative, and easy to navigate. Useful for when you have lots of information you'd like to share with your visitors that also needs to be well presented and easy to find.


An e-commerce website designed to be beautiful, expandable, and easy to manage when you have products or services you'd like to sell. Designed and built in a way that it will easily grow and expand as you do.


An multi-user website designed to be intelligent, user-friendly, and ready to manage any services you and your users need. Designed and built in a way that scales with your user base.


JWG’s business philosophy is built on the idea that websites should primarily be sleek, stylish, and easy to use. Everything is built with this in mind, enabling your visitors to find and do everything they need to on your website with minimal effort.

A strong desire to innovate and a passion for finding solutions to complicated problems.

Working closely with clients ensures that ideas are readily exchanged, allowing clients to have a meaningful input on the design and functionality of their website every step of the way. With the expertise and strong desire to work in tandem with clients, JWG can make your vision come to life.

About the Developer

Joshua Green

Joshua gained a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Queen's University in Belfast, where he honed his skills as a developer. He began developing websites in 2013, blending together two keen interests in programming and design.

He spent several years working for various companies managing websites, e-commerce stores, and design work, before launching his own web development company in 2021.


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