Tividale Trotters Walk & Run Club

Tividale Trotters is a local walking & running club based in Oldbury.

Since the club was founded in September 2015 by Paul & Nichola, it has been steadily growing in members and participating in running events across the country.

Paul approached JWG to request help in building the club a new website.

The Challenge

Tividale Trotters running club co-founder Paul had come to realise that his club was gaining in popularity but people were struggling to find out more information about it. While Paul had business cards and a social media presence, they were proving to be inefficient avenues to share sufficient information about his club, particularly to prospective members.

The Tividale Trotters business card

Paul approached JWG asking for a simple website that would reflect the heart of his running club and provide necessary information to potential new members. His vision was to have a web page that would act as a long form version of his current business card, where all the relevant information was easily accessible, and the design in keeping with his current media presence.

An essential requirement for the website was for it to be as hands off as possible for Paul. He had tried to run a website for the club in the past, however it proved too time consuming to continually update news and photos of the club. He wanted to ensure that this time he could leave the website alone, knowing that it would continue to provide up to date information.

The Tividale Trotters business card

The Solution

The website header and banner

The core design and colour scheme of the website were based on the existing business card. The greens and burgundy used on his business card and logo design transferred from print design to web design well, however, the greyscale shade was too light and the fonts were difficult to read on webpage format. Both had to be adjusted while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the brand. A font pairing of Montserrat and Raleway proved to be a good fit, and are excellent for readability. They also stayed in keeping with the level of professionalism Paul had created with his current branding.

Club meetup and contact information

Working closely with Paul, two pieces of copy were produced, one about the club and one about the founders themselves. It was important to Paul that the copy about the club expressed how it operates and conveyed clearly what it is about. Photos were taken of the groups existing members to help give an insight into the personality and welcoming feeling the club has. Paul, being one of the founders, wanted to give a history of how the club came to be as a way for him to express the philosophy and approach to running that the founders share, which is found at the heart of the club itself.

Club meetup and contact information
The dynamically updated gallery

To ensure that the website would stay current and look relevant, a gallery mirror Instagram feed was implemented on the page. Paul regularly posts on the clubs Instagram page so this was guaranteed to be a good way of keeping the website up to date with minimal effort. Paul was previously having to upload images to both the clubs Instagram and website, which was one of the causes of the last website becoming too time consuming. Implementing his Instagram feed directly to his web page circumvented this problem entirely. It was also a way to help further bolster the image and personality of the club.

The Result

Paul now has a website that is on brand, has content that dynamically updates, and most importantly, reflects the heart and personality of his running club. It is the perfect place to offer concise information that is clear and easily accessible for current and prospective members alike.

"Josh from JWG has taken the stress of creating, updating, and managing our club website away from us so that we can just get on with 'running'."


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